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New Liquid Textures as a free gift released on Monday.  Terms of use will apply and will be included in the notecard in the package.

Nevermore Haunted House and Hunt listed on SL Hunts blog!

Nevermore Islands’ 4th Annual Haunted House and Trick Or Treat Trail Hunt on SL Hunts Blog

QnC Participates in the Nevermore 4th Annual Haunted House and Trick Or Treat Trail!

As Andy, Sabryne Rhode from Allusions, Sashara Savira from Savira Furnishings, and me, Bri, got down building the new haunted area for this year, we got hot on making items for you all to come out and find.

QnC put out 7 bags this year, items include special face tat layers, a 4 pack of eyes, and other goodies for you to collect.

The hunt and house ends midnight of Nov 1 as it usually does.

Roman Toga Formal Gowns

<img src="QnC Toga Formal Gown Promo Image” alt=”QnC Togas ” title=”QnCToga-SitePromo” width=”650″ height=”650″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-202″ />

Inspired for the Ides Of March, QnC releases 5 Formal Roman Toga Gowns.

Price – 150 L (Currently a limited time freebie)

Current colors available:

Stuart Tartan
Crushed Velvet Burgundy
Crushed Velvet Midnight Blue
Crushed Velvet Forest
Floral Linen

More colors will be available soon, as well as matching suits for men.

Summer Sunset Dining Set-Package

Summer Dining Room Promo

This is a fairly low prim contemporary with empire styling influenced dining room set. Jpose is included so you can easily add your own poses.

Set includes 4 chairs and one table.

Prim count: Chair 4 each; table 2

Perms: Mod/Trans no copy

Price: L250

Designer: Tristhara Magic

Summer Dining Chair Close up View

Autumn Living Room Set – Packaged

Autumn Living Room Set for your Second Life Home

This is a fairly low prim contemporary with empire styling influenced Living room set. Jpose is included so you can easily add your own poses.

Set includes 2 chairs and one couch, 2 end tables and one coffee table.

Prim count: Chair 4 each; couch 6; tables 2 each

Perms: Mod/Trans no copy

Price: L250

Designer: TrisThara Magic

Home Security System-Boxed

Home Security System Wall Mounted for SL

This is a simple to use, wall mounted home security system. You also get a wearable hud that allows you to protect your land when you are not close to the wall system.

It allows you to unsit, ban, eject or send an avatar home by clicking the button and clicking on their name in the menu.

This system is optimal for those who live on a private island where security and ban lines are not allowed. This system does not block off access to your parcel, but allows you to control who is on it while you are at your residence.

Those who have been banned will not be able to access your parcel.

This system works on property you own, if you are putting it on group land, you must deed it to group.

Perms: Copy

System is 5 prims.

Price: L$50

Created by Andy Dastardly

Places to sell your items for Second Life on the web.

Since many merchants have pulled their products from XstreetSL.com due to the new fees on freebies and dollarbies, here is a list of alternates markets.

  • MetaLife
  • Vitty
  • Slapt Me Adult, must state that you are at least 18 due to fantasy content they have.
  • Apez This is currently the one I am familiar with. Products for QnC are all being moved here first. They offer many other valuable services, such as a better way to store your L$s, similar to Onrez wallet.
  • SL Universe’s SL Shopper
  • Metaverse Exchange

RPG Series Kelpie Humanoid Ladies Character Package

Kelpie RPG Char Pack for SL

What is a Kelpie?

A Kelpie is a mythical shape shifting creature that usually appears in the form of an aquatic horse. In horse form, they have the enchanting allure to lure people into the water to their deaths.

In some cases, the Kelpie appears as a beautiful woman to lure men to their deaths.

Some RPG systems the the Kelpie appears:
ADnD by Wizards of the Coast
Rolemaster by ICE
Deathstalkers II

Pack contents:
1 Kelpie humanoid Shape
1 skin, no makeup
1 skin makeup
1 eye set
1 prim hair
1 bald head part to wear with hair
1 personal light system

Package permissions:
All are no trans, all are copy some items are no mod.

Thank you for your interest in our product. Please check back for more characters in the RPG Series.

Created by Bri McMahon and Kattie Ninetails.